Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flowers in the yard

 My first Iris bloom!  I had some starts from my friend, Florence, two years ago.  I had to move them last year to a new location.  So this is the first time they have flowered for me.
 Some pretty pink volunteer Tulips.
 Johnny Jump-ups!
 Just some wild flowers in our naturescaped yard (or in reality, not landscaped yet)
 More "wild" flowers!
 Pretty Pansy in a pot.
 I love these dark Tulips!  They almost look black.
 Red Tulips are always lovely.
And the hummers have arrived!

I love to photograph flowers.  I didn't think that I had very many in my yard, but once I started to look, I found more and more.  Until we get the backyard finished, we have all kinds of wildflowers that pop up during May and June.  

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