Friday, May 11, 2012

Knitting with a friend!

Sweet puppy dogs.
 Prayer flags waving in the breeze.
 Water lily in the greenhouse pond.
She already has some cucumbers ripe in the greenhouse!

Yesterday I drove down to Manti to have a knitting and coffee visit with my friend Karen.  Her beautiful dogs hung out with us as well.  She let me use her swift and ball winder to wind some yarn for my next shawl that I wanted to cast on.  We had some of my home roasted coffee and sat by the waterfall knitting.  I forgot to take any photos of our knitting projects.  Oh well, next time.  Karen has a spinning wheel and has been spinning so much yarn that she has started to sell some of it at her Etsy shop.  Beautiful stuff!  A very lovely day!  We have scheduled another visit in a couple of weeks.

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  1. it WAS a wonderful visit Sylvia. Thanks so much for your wonderful company, awesome fresh roasted coffee and your kind words! Looking forward to more. :)


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