Saturday, June 30, 2012

Manti Morning

Take your pick!

Fruit basket.

Vegetable basket.

I love the flowers hanging from the light poles!

Downtown Main Street looking North.

And looking South.

Cool old time clock.

This week's haul.
I drove down to Manti for this week's Bountiful Basket. It isn't really that far to go.  I am trying for a basket every other week. For the two of us, it takes us that long to go through all of it.  I was thrilled to see the cherries,YUM!

It is supposed to be a hot one today, I hope to get some indoor stuff done.

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  1. Your haul looks beautiful! The skies look fabulous down there. I suppose all the smoke is north now. I hope the fires haven't kept people away from the pageant or quilt show.


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