Sunday, June 3, 2012

Park and camp!

Our camp.

View to the east.

View to the south.

View to the north.

View to the west.

Flowers on the hike.

More of the same plant,different color.

I love the colors on this rock!
Paul and I had a wonderful weekend camping trip.  We had intended to go to Fremont Indian State Park.  We stopped at the VC (visitor's center) and the ranger told Paul about how there was all kinds of BLM land up road 114 that was free to camp on.  So we drove up 114 farther than we had planned.  We found a great spot that had wonderful views.  We never did make it down to the state park.  But it is close enough to home that we can make a day trip out of it. Peaty and Eddy had a wonderful time!  They are great campin' dogs!

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  1. I love those flowers! The lichen (I think that is what the moldy stuff on the rock is called) is beautiful too!


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