Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peaceful morning

I love the way this flower photograph turned out!

Broccoli in the greenhouse.

A photo of my Diamonds shawl in the greenhouse.

Water Lily in the pond.

Water skitters .

Johnny Jump-ups in an old watering can.



This turned out blurred, but I like it anyway!  The waterfall.

Sweet puppy.

And another sweet pup!

View from the hanging chairs.
It has been 3 weeks since Karen and I had last gotten together for coffee and knitting.  Her garden is looking lovely!  Very peaceful to sit by the waterfall and knit and chat.  Thanks Karen!


  1. You took so many great photos in this post but I LOVE the photo of the water skitters - they look like they are glowing!

  2. another great visit Sylvia......thanks for coming!! I so enjoy your company and wonderful fresh roasted coffee. :))


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