Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pete's Hole

Pete's Hole

Peaty and Eddy checking out something good!

Treasures in the stream.

Forest floor.

Baby Pine Tree!

I love the wildflowers!

Waterfall off the dirt road on the way to Pete's Hole.

Paul asked if I wanted to go "up the mountain" for an adventure today.  I tried to look for a geo-cache and found Pete's Hole on the map.  We had wanted to go there, so we did.  I had to ditch the geo-cache idea, my Garmin didn't want to turn on.  It was about a 20 mile drive from our house.  We drove up the mountain to Skyline drive.  Drove a bit North to the Orangevale road and headed back down the mountain a bit.  There is a turnoff for Pete's Hole and it was about another mile.  Lovely little lake!  People were fishing.  I couldn't tell if anyone was catching.  We pulled out our chairs and had lunch in some shade watching many fish jumping in the pond.  Then we took a hike to see another little pond that was pretty much dried up.  The boys (Peaty and Eddy) had a great time!

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  1. That waterfall is breathtaking! When I come down to help you build a box and hold your hand for whatever it was we need to hike to this waterfall! I think I can handle a mountain - I think. :S


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