Monday, August 27, 2012

Potter's Ponds

Found at our campsite.

The view from our campsite

We went on a camping trip over the weekend to Potter's Ponds.  I only took photographs at one of the ponds, but it was so pretty there!  And of course, Peaty photobombed one of the shots.  He rolled in a dead fish within an hour of us setting up camp.  We were camped down the hill, so I can't figure out how that fish got there.  So we walked him and Eddy up the hill to the ponds and he went swimming.  Whew, it sure helped calm down the dead fish smell.

I can't quite decide whether the sneakers hanging on the tree were there drying and forgotten, or if they were there as an art statement. Or maybe a memorial. I chose to leave them be.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Walking dogs

Our first tomato! 

I think that eggplant is a beautiful vegetable!

I was trying to photograph this flower and Peaty
 photo-bombed the shot.

The view from Canyon Road.

I didn't realize there was a bee until I download the files.

I can't believe that a tree is turning colors already!

I was slacking off this summer.  I stopped taking the boys out for a daily walk.  It had been very hot.  Well, not a good excuse.  3 weeks ago I started up again.  I have been taking them when I get back from Curves.  It took them one day to get back into the routine.  When I walk in the door, they start hopping around like crazy dogs.  It has been good for me.  And them.  From my house, there aren't too many choices for a 30 minute walk.  So I do the same one most every day.  I walk up Canyon Road and then back down.  No, I don't get bored.  The view going up is looking at the mountains, the view coming down the hill is looking out over the valley.  I am trying to kick things up a notch, I really need to drop some weight.  The good news is that I am down 2 pounds!  The bad news is that it took 3 weeks to do it.  I will just keep plugging along.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finally a tomato is turning red!

I can't wait to eat this tomato!

Peppers looking good.

Beautiful purple eggplant.

And another one!

The white eggplants seem to get taking on a different shape.

Just some more photographs from the garden.  Last year my garden was quite the dud.  This year after a slow start, it is going gangbusters!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Up the Mountain

Just some photographs from our hike and then our atv ride Up the Mountain last weekend.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cucumbers in the garden!

My first harvest.


Sunday morning skies and the clouds were beautiful!

The start of tonight's sunset.

I harvested some cucumbers this week.  I also have my zucchini going well. And one little jalapeno pepper.  No red tomatoes yet.  But the plants are going crazy!  We took a short hike on Sunday morning with the puppy dogs.  Beautiful clouds in the sky!  I was so glad that I had remembered to put my camera in my pocket.  And the final photograph is the beginning of tonight's sunset. I love to see the sun rays peeking through the clouds!

Friday, August 3, 2012

How does your garden grow!

Eggplant blossom

Eddy, the helper boy


Cucumber blossom

Squash blossom

White eggplant

Chive blossom

Flowering Thyme

Baby pumpkin


My garden is going well this year!  Even though my seeds sprouted late, everything seems to be growing quickly.  I picked the first zucchini yesterday!  And some of the cucumbers will be ready in a couple of days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A couple of Shawls

I finished up a couple of shawls this week. I got them blocked and boy, they turned out really nice!  I only have a few flowers in a couple of pots, but they are looking good this week.