Monday, August 27, 2012

Potter's Ponds

Found at our campsite.

The view from our campsite

We went on a camping trip over the weekend to Potter's Ponds.  I only took photographs at one of the ponds, but it was so pretty there!  And of course, Peaty photobombed one of the shots.  He rolled in a dead fish within an hour of us setting up camp.  We were camped down the hill, so I can't figure out how that fish got there.  So we walked him and Eddy up the hill to the ponds and he went swimming.  Whew, it sure helped calm down the dead fish smell.

I can't quite decide whether the sneakers hanging on the tree were there drying and forgotten, or if they were there as an art statement. Or maybe a memorial. I chose to leave them be.

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  1. I love the thistle photos. So beautiful. The shoes may have been forgotten items but I think they are now making an artistic statement - something about going places or not going places perhaps?


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