Thursday, August 23, 2012

Walking dogs

Our first tomato! 

I think that eggplant is a beautiful vegetable!

I was trying to photograph this flower and Peaty
 photo-bombed the shot.

The view from Canyon Road.

I didn't realize there was a bee until I download the files.

I can't believe that a tree is turning colors already!

I was slacking off this summer.  I stopped taking the boys out for a daily walk.  It had been very hot.  Well, not a good excuse.  3 weeks ago I started up again.  I have been taking them when I get back from Curves.  It took them one day to get back into the routine.  When I walk in the door, they start hopping around like crazy dogs.  It has been good for me.  And them.  From my house, there aren't too many choices for a 30 minute walk.  So I do the same one most every day.  I walk up Canyon Road and then back down.  No, I don't get bored.  The view going up is looking at the mountains, the view coming down the hill is looking out over the valley.  I am trying to kick things up a notch, I really need to drop some weight.  The good news is that I am down 2 pounds!  The bad news is that it took 3 weeks to do it.  I will just keep plugging along.

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  1. Fantastic photos! Keep moving - any progress, no matter how slow is still progress!


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