Friday, September 14, 2012

A lame FO for Friday

This is a bit of a lame FO.  I started this shawl in November.  I used 3 different yarns, the last one was the leftovers of a pair of socks.  So I am on the bind off row and I run out with 49 stitches left.  Oh bother.  I put it aside.  Then I wanted to try and figure out something and couldn't find where it was stashed.  It came out of hiding a couple of weeks ago.  I posted on Ravelry to see if anyone had a bit of the green to share and sure enough, I had a kind soul send me enough to finish the bind off.  

But next week I hope to have another shawl finished. Recently I went from having 6 or 7 shawl WIPs on the needles and now I am down to 2.

Check out the others who are posting their FO's at Tami's blog.

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