Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beautiful Morning up the Mountain

Aspen turning.

Someone's lost puppy dog.

More Aspen.

Someone built a fort.

Red Maples.

Valley View.


The water was so calm and reflective.

More reflections.

We went up the mountain this am for a walk and a bit of fishing.  Lovely area, Lake Hill pond.  There was a lost dog there.  He doesn't look starved, but was a bit skittish and wouldn't come to us. He was very friendly with our dogs.  I would have brought him home and then called the animal control tomorrow, but we couldn't get close enough to touch him. I posted his photo on the local lost and found FB page.  I hope his people see it and go up to get him.

I was taking photos for a new project that I am doing.  They are here.  I had so many good photos today that I posted 3.

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  1. Did you ever hear anything more about the lost puppy?


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