Friday, September 7, 2012

Two shawls finished this week.


Mystery Shawl 28

I finished two shawls this week.  Boneyard is a fun, simple knit!  Great for in the car.  We had a five hour drive to the lake last weekend, and a five hour drive home.  So I got a lot of this one knit last weekend.  Mystery Shawl #28 is by Goddess Knits.  I have knit several of her patterns, always well written.  Now to finish up my Barbara shawl and then I can start something new.

I thought it might be fun to join a FO Friday blog party.  Hopefully I will have something knitted to post every week.  Check out the other blogs.


  1. Two shawls in a week?!? Wow. I'm humbled by your mad knitting skillz. And speed! Both of them are lovely. And welcome to FO Friday!

  2. Uh,um, well finished, not started and finished! :) I always have multiply projects in progress.

  3. I love car/plane knitting! It's so nice to have something to keep your hands occupied when you know you're in for a long trip! Both shawls turned out beautifully!


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