Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100th post! WIP

Last night's show.

Just need to finish off the tails.
I finished knitting on the Mandala shawl last week.  It still needs to be blocked.  It is going to be huge!  I decided I need to knit some quick projects after that long haul.  I knit another hat for Sweetie.  Then I knit two more pairs of Good Time Mitts.  Tonight after I get the tails tucked on the mitts I will cast on a Sagebrush Shrug for my daughter.

I picked up "The Casual Vacancy" at the library.  I have not read any of the Harry Potter books.  I am not into wizards and such, but I heard this is a book for the adult audience and it was supposed to get pretty good reviews (as long as you don't expect to read about Harry).  So I thought I would give it a chance.

This is my WIP Wednesday, Yarn Along and KCCO post for the week.

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  1. My favorite spring flower is first one I see popping it's little head through the snow!

    Love the hat and mittens. You do such amazing work! I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on the book. I decided to avoid it just because I heard it was a downer and I prefer books with happy endings. It's an addiction I think. ;)


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