Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Still working on the Anniversary Shawl
I am still working on the Anniversary Shawl.  We went to the lake for the holiday weekend and beading in the car or at the cabin really wasn't going to work well. I am close to finishing clue #4.  I am hoping that I have enough beads.  The tube looked like it should be enough but I did not count them to make sure.

Too short for a bracelet, time to pull the beads off
To be on the safe side I am pulling apart a crocheted beaded bracelet.  It was too short to make a bracelet and I had already had to rob some beads from it for my Dolce Vita shawl.  I was 6 purple beads short!

Two new dishcloth patterns
So my knitting for the drive and at the lake was designing another series of dishcloth patterns. I was able to get two knit and handwritten, still need to type them up.

Tour de Sock
My friend has been doing the Tour de Sock for a couple of years now.  I decided I would accept the challenge this year.  The first pattern will go live on Saturday morning.  I have my yarn and beads (only needs 80, so I am good to go) ready and waiting for the release of the pattern.  I hope to get more of the yellow shawl finished by then.

I am still reading "Knit, Purl, Die" by Anne Canadeo.  It is okay.  I am about halfway through.

This is my WIP Wednesday, Yarn Along and KCCO post for this week.  

News Flash!!  Just as I was working on this post I had Fed Ex come to the door. I had forgotten that my Kitchen Aid Mixer was on its way!  I am so excited, I had been dreaming of owning one of these for years!

My new toy!!!!!!!

I am going to go and finish viewing the free Craftsy class on Perfect Pizza so I can try out the new mixer!  Craftsy is free to join and they have all kinds of great classes, some free, some not.  I really like their class platform.  You can view the lessons at your leisure and not have to worry about missing a lesson.  And you can go back to review any of the lessons whenever you like. 


  1. A Kitchen Aid mixer! Yay! I love mine and use it almost daily. I knead my bread & pizza dough in it. They are powerhouses too. I've had mine for 15+ years and it's still going strong. Here's a tutorial I did when I gave mine a makeover!

  2. V jealous of your kitchen aid.

    What a pity you had to undo your beading!


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