Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watering Wednesday

We finally have Spring!  I have the sprinkler on my strawberry patch.  First time I have had to water this season.  

I am on clue #3 for the Anniversary Shawl. Clue #4 came out on Saturday, so I am just a little bit behind.  I am really enjoying the knitting on this one! The color is very cheerful and the pattern is interesting enough to keep your attention, but not so difficult that you have to concentrate so hard that you can't watch TV while knitting.  And I have come to enjoy knitting with beads.  They add a little bit of sparkle, and also a little bit of weight to the shawl.  

Tonight I get to start a new read.  Knit, Purl, Die is the second book in a knitting murder mystery series.  I enjoyed the first book, hopefully this one will be just as good.

French Coffee Press cozies

I had so much fun knitting a cozy for my IKEA French coffee press that I decided to do some more.  I haven't done cables for a while, so I am doing a set with various sizes of cables.  I hope to have the patterns available next week.

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO, and my Yarn Along post for the week.


  1. Beautiful work as always! Cables always seemed like they would be so hard.

  2. love love love that yellow!!!


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