Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wip Wednesday

Only 4 more rows!

New dishcloth pattern in the works

I gave up on the Tour De Sock for this round.  I did not have the right yarn with me.  Now that I am back home, I am trying to finish up my Mystery Shawl.  I only have about 4 more rows to do. And I am also working on another series of dishcloth patterns.  I am going for borderless textures this time.

Baby arrived safe and sound on Saturday,  Mother and child are home and doing well.

I am still reading Where you Left Me.  I am finally getting to the happy parts.  Next up is a dog novel.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Summertime blues

Chicane sock
I gave up on my Chicane socks.  It is the second pattern in the Tour De Sock race.  I didn't like how the first one fit my foot. I do like the cables, but did not like the checkered pattern with it.  It feels like two different socks to me.  And since I was no where near getting finished with the pair before the deadline, I ended up frogging the sock.

Secret Fan socks
I was able to finish up the Secret Fan socks, but not in time for the deadline. I am not sure if I like them or not.  The third pattern for Tour de Sock is out.  I like most of the design, but not the eagle on the heel.  Still trying to decide whether I want to knit them or not.

My mystery shawl

I also have been working on my Mystery Shawl.  I just love this one!  It is going to be gorgeous!  I have about 10 rows left. It will be my FO for next Friday.

This is my FO Friday and also my On the Needles Friday post for this week.  Have a wonderful summer!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I am still working on my Tour De Sock for the first round.  I tried, but didn't make the deadline.  Oh well.  Going out in the first round was not what I had planned.  I had unexpected complications.   But since I had joined a team (Team Roasted) I can still earn team points for the next round.  I will finish off this pair today and then cast on for the second round.

I started a new book.  Where you left me.  It is by a 9-11 widow who is writing a memoir.  I am still early in the book, total sadness at her loss.

Yarn for second round
The second pattern uses two colors.  It has a checkered band just after the ribbing.  I didn't have a large selection of sock yarn in my stash, so this is what I am going to use.

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for this week.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And the Race is on!

Close up of the beads

Secret Fan

Counter rearranged for the Big Boy!

I got my Tour De Sock started.  Some racers finished within 10 hours of the pattern being released.  I guess that they didn't have anything better to do!  I have the first leg section done.  I am trying to knit both socks at the same time, so will now knit the second sock's leg and then go on to the heels.  For the race, you had to put at least one fan of beads somewhere in the sock.  Since I am going rather slowly on this project, I am able to see the finished socks with just one beaded shell.  Hmmm.  Not liking it very much.  So I decided to evenly space 2 fans on the front of both socks.  I would rather leave them off altogether, but that is a disqualification and I don't want to go out on the first leg of the race.

I am still reading the same book.  Almost finished, hope to be into the next book next week.

Last week I had blogged about my new Kitchen Aid mixer.  I got my counters all rearranged and got that big boy set up!  I made a banana bread and then I also made some Steakhouse bread.  Way cool!  I used two smaller bread pans since my larger one had the banana bread baking in it.  It was good.

This is my WIP Wed, KCCO and my Yarn Along post for the week.