Friday, June 21, 2013

Summertime blues

Chicane sock
I gave up on my Chicane socks.  It is the second pattern in the Tour De Sock race.  I didn't like how the first one fit my foot. I do like the cables, but did not like the checkered pattern with it.  It feels like two different socks to me.  And since I was no where near getting finished with the pair before the deadline, I ended up frogging the sock.

Secret Fan socks
I was able to finish up the Secret Fan socks, but not in time for the deadline. I am not sure if I like them or not.  The third pattern for Tour de Sock is out.  I like most of the design, but not the eagle on the heel.  Still trying to decide whether I want to knit them or not.

My mystery shawl

I also have been working on my Mystery Shawl.  I just love this one!  It is going to be gorgeous!  I have about 10 rows left. It will be my FO for next Friday.

This is my FO Friday and also my On the Needles Friday post for this week.  Have a wonderful summer!


  1. I agree with your decision to pull apart the Chicane sock. Would the design have worked better with different colors? I like the Secret Fan socks but I'm not sure I would like beads around my legs. Can you feel them when you put them on? Looking forward to seeing the shawl!

  2. That sock was a little strange. I like the color of your secret fan sock...very pretty!


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