Friday, August 30, 2013

On my Needles

I have 3 projects on the needles this week.  The never ending sweater for my daughter.  A mystery shawl that I should have set aside to work on the sweater, but am working on the shawl instead.  And the usual dish cloth.

This is my on the needles post for the week.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knitting with Karen and Joy

Karen's Log Cabin square

In progress square
I went over to my friend Karen's house for coffee and knitting.  She has been working on her Log Cabin blanket for a while.  The blocks are lovely!  She is using her hand spun yarn.

Joy's handspun yarn and roving

Lovely fiber!

I love this yarn!
We found another knitter in Manti to join us for coffee and knitting!  Joy is also a spinner. She brought a sample skein and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Shawl pin
Joy showed a sweater (I didn't take a full view photograph) and Karen brought out some of her shawl pins. They are lovely!  The sweater as well.

Shawl Pins
I just love the look of hand carved wood!  Bonus, Karen gave me a shawl pin of my choice! I can't wait to use it the next time I wear one of my shawls!

Karen's Tidbits
Karen has a big bowl full of "tidbits" that she will be putting up in her shop soon.  All of these are her hand spun yarns.

I am still working on my summer mystery shawl. I did get to clue #3 this morning.  Funny, a charted lace is a mindless knit for me!  I put the sweater on hold because I have to concentrate too much on the armhole shaping.  My new read that I will start tonight is a Jennifer Weiner book.  I love most of her books.  There was a recent one that was a real dud.

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for the week.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Will it Rain again Wednesday?

Another dish cloth!
Last night we had a horrible thunderstorm roll through the neighborhood!  I swear that a strike must have hit in the next street, it was that close.  And unlike the recent storms, this one dumped a bunch of rain after the thunder and lightening passed by.  And it cleared in time to see a wonderful full (or almost full) moon.

I had gone to a craft group meeting/luncheon yesterday.  I choose not to take the sweater since I was at a point that I really need to concentrate and can't do that while visiting with friends.  So I brought along my Summer Mystery shawl which I had set aside to work on the sweater.  It was a fun lunch.  Good friends, lovely salad bar and a glass of wine in a beautiful flower garden.  What more could you ask for on a lovely August day?

I am also working on some more dish cloth patterns.  Fun to try out different stitches and see how they work up.

This is my WIP Weds, KCCO and my Yarn Along post for the week.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What a Wednesday!

Still knitting along on the sweater

I really love the accent lace!
I am still knitting on the LaBelle sweater.  Most of it is stockinette stitch, so good for knitting while watching TV.  I need 15 inches to start the armhole decreases,  I am almost to 13", so it won't be long now!  In the 1980's I was a knitting fiend!  I knit sweaters for all my kids and all my nieces and nephews.  I had also knit a couple of sweaters for Sweetie and for myself.  Since then I have gotten into quilting, big time.  About 2002 a friend showed me how to knit socks.  So I knit socks like crazy!  And then about 2007 I got into lace knitting and shawls.  I was still knitting socks, but have only finished one pair in the last year.  This is only the second sweater that I have made since I don't know how long.  The other being a February baby sweater for my nieces little girl who is turning 4 next week.  I have also been into knitting hats since we moved back to the cold winters in Utah.  I am still quilting like crazy, but mostly art quilts now.  I forgot how much knitting it takes to get a sweater done.  I have yarn to knit a February Lady sweater for myself, so I think that might be my next sweater, the baby sweater was a fun knit.

Two lovely loaves of bread

I just love the look of a fresh crusty loaf!

A couple of weeks ago I had posted about the bread book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  I have tried it out and it works just like they said it would! And the bread is delicious!  I like that it doesn't use sugar in the basic recipe.  I have another batch in the refrigerator ready to bake when we are finished with these two loaves.

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for the week!