Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When is the storm coming Wednesday

Four more rows!
I am so close to having this summer mystery shawl finished!  Well, finished with the knitting!  I have another shawl waiting in the blocking pile.  Now that the weather is turning, time to get some blocking done.

Still working on the bodice ripper
Older books seem to have smaller print and more words than a lot of the newer books.  I have noticed a lot of the recent novels have a lot of extra spacing on the pages to make it look like there is more to the book than there really is.  An excellent example is the Stephanie Plum series.

Ready to start clue #2
I got the first clue of the Fall Mystery shawl done.  I am ready to start #2.  I am using some vintage yarn from my late mother's stash.  I believe it to be some sturdy acrylic.  I am using large needles and hope this turns out big.  The colors aren't my thing, but I thought it would be a good shawl to keep in the trailer.

BFF Cowl
One of my Ravelry groups is doing a secret BFF Cowl swap.  I got started on the seedpod section.  Goofiest selvage ever.  But I am not going back to start over.

The show last night
We have some wonderful sunsets around here.  Our house is on the east bench of the valley, so prime viewing.

This is my WIP Wed, KCCO, and Yarn Along post for this week.

I have been sorting through my craft book and magazine collections.  I need to downsize and have put up a bunch of them in my Etsy shop.  To go directly to the book/magazine section click here.  I am also closing out my mini skeins, they are here.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wip Wednesday

New Mystery

Almost finished!

Last night's Show!

I have been knitting on the mystery shawl, got clue #4 completed and am rolling along on #5.  I also started the Fall Mystery.  I am using some vintage worsted weight yarn from my mother's stash.  I am using some larger needles as well.  We shall see how that works out.  I had meant to have more photographs from a luncheon yesterday, but on the drive I had a major flat tire and spent some quality time with Les Schwab. Missed the knit and chat part of the luncheon.

Since I finished my last book and haven't gotten to the library, I pulled out one of my vintage bodice rippers. Nice to have on hand, simple reads that don't stress the brain.

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for the week.

I am closing out the last of my mini skeins in my Etsy shop!  I also have been listing some destash of my vintage patterns, books and magazines.  Knitting, crochet, cross stitch and quilting.  More are being listed everyday, check back for some great deals on wonderful patterns! Just for my blog readers, a coupon code good for 10% off any purchase over $10!  Use LHBLOG10  Thanks for  your support!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coffee at Karen's

Karen's cup
My choice
I went for coffee and knitting at my friend, Karen's house yesterday.  I bring some of my home roasted coffee beans and she brews it up for us.  She has a wonderful collection of hand made pottery and we get to choose which cup we want to use. Karen had the Aspen leaf and I chose the forest.  I didn't see what Joy had.

Karen's fiber

Spun into yarn

Joy's fiber

Spun into yarn
They are both wonderful spinners.  I love looking at the yarn that they make.  I am resisting getting sucked into the spinning world.  I have enough other interests and hobbies that keep me occupied.  Really, going to resist.

Karen's yarn
Karen was knitting on a shawl or sweater.  I don't remember now, but she was using this wonderful yarn.

Joy's Shawl
Last time Joy was working on this lovely shawl.  It was her first triangle shaped shawl and she was concerned where the point was.  She found it!  It is a very soft and cozy shawl.

I am still working on my mystery shawl.  I did get to clue #4 last night!   I started a new book. Just a quick easy chit lit read.

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for the week.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is it Really Wednesday?

Last night's show
Since we live on the East side of the valley, we get some wonderful sunsets.  I love the colors and shapes of the clouds last night.

New project 
I am starting a new project, it is a secret gift, so no link to the project page.  I can't decide which color to use.

While my daughter was visiting in July I had her look through all my cross stitch books and magazines and take what she wanted.  So I listed some of the remaining ones in my Etsy shop.  I am now sorting and listing some of my crochet magazine collection.  I realized that I am not going to crochet anymore.

More to sort
And then there are quilting magazines.  I guess I should try to get a box a day sorted.

And even more to sort
And then there are the piles of wonderful magazines!  I am determined to get through all this stuff in September.  Keep checking back to the shop, there will be great deals on my destash project!

Current project
I didn't get much knitting accomplished over the holiday weekend.  I spent a lot of time cuddling with my 10 month old grandson.  He is so sweet!  

I am really enjoying "The Next Best Thing" by Jennifer Weiner!

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for this week.

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