Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stormy forecast Wednesday

BFF and Summer Mystery shawl
I just need to graft the BFF cowl, block it and get it in the mail. It is a surprise, so I am not going to show a good photograph of it until it finds its' way to the Lucky Duck.

Started the bind off!
I had only four rows left on the mystery shawl, so got that done last night.  Just got about a little bit of the bind off started last night.  That should be finished today and then to the blocking pile!

KAL with Karen and Joy
Karen, Joy and I are going to do a knit along using the Wingspan pattern.  I thought we were scheduled for coffee today, it was really scheduled for tomorrow (I should have looked in my appointment book) and Karen has a conflict, so we have to reschedule for a later date.

I finished my vintage Bodice Ripper.  I realized I must have read it many years ago.  It wasn't all that great. Oh well, I am moving on to "The Wife's Tale".

On my quilting blog I was lucky enough to be asked to join a blog hop with some wonderful art quilters.  The theme is "My Family Quilt".  We are to share a story about someone in our family who has made a quilt.  My turn was yesterday, check it out here.  Today is Judi's turn to share her story.  

This is my WIP Wednesday, KCCO and Yarn Along post for the week.

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  1. I love the yarn you have for the Wingspan pattern.


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