Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 I am still plugging along on my Anniversary Shawl in between stages of the Tour De Sock. I am almost finished with clue #4. Clue #5 is the last one and is only 20 rows long. But since this grows every row, it takes quite a bit of time to knit one row now.
I love the title of my current read, "When in Doubt Add Butter"!  So far it is a fun, light summer read.

I knit a grocery bag.  For some reason the needles that I was using made it difficult to knit. The yarn did not slide easily. I will have to try it with a larger needle and see if I have better luck.

I completed my second stage Tour De Sock socks! I spent last week up at the lake and didn't have access to wifi until Friday. So even though I did finish 12 hours too late, I would not have been able to post a photograph in time to score points. I didn't bring extra yarn for the next stage, so I decided to sit it out. It is colorwork and I am not that skilled with knitting colorwork on a sock.  So I will concentrate on my shawl and then hop back into the race at stage four.
This is my WIP Wed, KCCO and Yarn along post for the week.

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