Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where did July go?

For fun I have been crocheting a bit. I am on the third of a set of three reusable gift bags. Fun project, crochet was my very first craft.

Finally finished the Anniversary shawl
I finished the Anniversary shawl!  It still needs to be blocked.  Note below how much yarn was leftover! I am so glad to have a tiny bit left rather than being a tiny bit short!

The dreaded sweater
I am now going to get back to the sweater for my daughter. I was making good progress last summer, set it down and it got hidden away. Looking over the pattern I realize why I set it aside. The pattern is not easy to understand. I just started the bind off section for the armholes.  Hopefully, I can get it going tonight.

This is my WIP weds and KCCO post for the week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I can't believe that it is already July!

It is stage 4 of the Tour De Sock!  I sat out stage 3 and was glad that I did. It was nice to take a rest. Yesterday we got the next pattern. They are "walk aways". Which means the focus of the design is on the back of the leg and down the heel. The socks are intended to be worn in sandals so that the design is visible when you walk away!  There are some beads in the design, I don't mind working with beads.  I think it will be a lovely pair of socks.

Time for summer reading!  I love Chick Lit in the summer. I just started "The Last Original Wife".

I was knitting away on the Anniversary Shawl while waiting for the next stage. I had hoped to finish, but I have 5 more rows left and the bind off. I am worried that I am going to run out of yarn. It is going to be close.

This is my WIP Weds, KCCO and Yarn Along post for this week.  Happy 4th of July!