Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dishy Wednesday!

Dish rags galore!
I still can't get myself to pick up the languishing sweater. I will try to work on it tonight. I think it just takes a bit to find where I left off and usually I am too tired to figure that out. I knit in the evenings while watching TV. Still on the last of the 3 trashy novels from the library, I will move on to something better after this one.

My Prayer flags
My friend, Lisa, came down to our quilt guild and gave a lecture on Prayer Flags. It was wonderful! I sewed my mini swap blocks into flags and have them hanging on my back fence. I am putting the message of Friendship out into the world.

Old milk can
We have a lot of "yard art" in our backyard. Most of it is rusty junk we have collected over the years. My sweetie bought this for me at a yard sale many years ago. Someone had painted it and after all these years in the weather the paint is peeling off. I love the way it looks!

This is my KCCO and yarn along post for this week.

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