Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Knitting progress

I was able to finish the knitting on my scarf. The pattern calls for it to be blocked first and then grafted. So it goes into the blocking pile.

Knitting is finished.
I am still on the paperback romance binge. Another light, easy read that I will forget as soon as I start the next book.

Instead of working on the languishing sweater I just pulled out my handy, dandy cone of dishcloth yarn and started another one. They are simple, mindless knits. And make great "little something" gifts to have on hand. My version of this pattern is available here for free.

Two Shawls
So this is the blocking pile (well, what I could find). Two shawls that need blocked. I bet they will be gorgeous! I think I have a couple of cowls that need blocked as well. I usually have a blocking marathon, needs to happen soon.

This is my KCCO and Yarnalong post for this week.



  1. As the Knitmore girls would say ' - "you are a block away from a finished object'. Dish cloths are a fun knit. I want to make a few for Christmas so I guess I should get knitting huh?

  2. Love your cone of dishcloth yarn!! And 2 shawls nearly finished, well done!


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