Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

One round
The last stage of the Tour De Sock race is Entanglements.  I love the idea, randomly twist the stitches. But I don't like toe-ups.  I find that they don't fit well in the toe, heel or cuff. (I know a lot of knitters that swear by toe-ups, I respect their right to love them even if I don't) Even the Surprisingly Stretchy (really it should be sloppy) Judy's bind off for socks is not something that looks attractive to me. A cast on cuff fits so much better!  And Kitchner for the toe is so much easier than the fumbling cast on for toe ups!  That is my opinion. I am curious, do you knit socks cuff down or toe up? Why do you prefer that method?

Anyway, I cast on this morning and knit one round. I have still been knitting on my Surf Shawl. It is growing. But it is at the point that it does not look different from last week's photograph, so I just didn't take another pic of it this week.

I just finished "Bird in Hand" by Christina Baker Kline.  I enjoyed reading this book. I belong to an online book swap, Paperback swap.  I joined it years ago as I live in a small town and the library doesn't have a large selection of what I enjoy reading. I understand that they are limited in what they have money to purchase, so am not upset by that.  The Paperback swap used to be free, but they had to start charging a nominal fee to help cover the costs of the website. I am good with that. If you click on the link and join, I get a small referral fee which helps me support my reading habit.

This is my yarn along and KCCO post for the week.


  1. Regarding toe-up vs. top-down--I'm not an experienced sock knitter. Actually, I've only ever done one pair. But it was a top-down and while the socks came out so fun and I wasn't disappointed, I did have a lot of yarn leftover...and I would have appreciated a longer leg, too, but it was far too late. So my thinking was that next time I do socks, it should be toe-up because then I can use up the yarn more efficiently.

    Now, your Surf, I love that many-blues yarn you picked!

  2. I like to do both for different reasons. Some patterns just don't look right if done toe up for those I do top down. I do however often worry that I will have too little yarn to do the size I want or too much yarn leftover when I do top down. So if I have 2 special skeins for a pair of socks I often do toe up 2 at a time so I can make sure that they use all of the yarn. I do agree though that some of the cast on's for toe up can be tricky thats why I prefer the turkish cast on. Its a little fiddly at first but it works and you don't have any weird bumps or grafting to deal with. One method I haven't tried yet but seems like it could be easier is a short row toe.

    I also love paperback swap. I get a lot of homeschool books for my kids that way. Sometimes they are a little battered but thats what tape is for right . ;D


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