Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just Surfing Along

I am between stages on the Tour de Sock race. I have been knitting on my Surf shawl. For the fifth stage it is a colorwork using mosaic knitting techniques. I love the pattern, and wanted to learn mosaic knitting. But  soon after the cuff I realized that the lovely green variegated yarn had bits of brown in it and the brown contrast didn't contrast with the brown bits in the variegated yarn. It did not look good. I unknit back to the cuff. I think a solid black would work well. I do plan on knitting this design, but not now. I live 75 miles away from the nearest yarn shop and there wasn't time to order something online and still make the deadline. So I put it on hold and went back to Surf. Which is a fun summer knit!

This is my Yarn along and KCCO post for this week.

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