Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I did not get much knit on my Entanglements sock.  I did the cuff knit. I had myself all set up to do the first twist. I told sweetie that I just wanted to knit 8 rounds (one repeat) of the sock and then it would be time for dinner. I was fumbling through the first cables, I think it will make more sense after a few of them and sweetie comes in and says "have you knit 8 rounds yet? I am hungry". So that was the end of that attempt to figure it out. I have knit a bit more on Surf.  I am determined to get a few of the cable rounds done on my sock today.

As far as  reading goes, I finished last week's Chick Lit beach read and am on to this week's Chick Lit beach read from the library.  Nothing heavy or interesting.  Read it and forget it type books.

I am linking to KCCO and Yarn Along.

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  1. I hope you get more time to dive into your sock pattern, I am hungry all the time :) So far I think your socks are amazing!!


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